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– The Coffee Enema has AMAZING Health Benefits-
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The Original:

Organic Coffee Enema Detox Kit

It's not just Detox,
it's a Way of Life.

NOW is the time for You to Exercise Your Right to Feel Happy, Healthy, and Beautiful

Pure & Simple: Detox

True Health 4 the Masses

The Health Secret is out!

There is a Universal Health remedy that works so well, people are calling it their #1 favorite & Go-to Health Tool:

As the most Complete & Diverse, UNISEX Health tool, Rejuva Jar® will change Your Health, FOREVER.

Featured Products

People LOVE (and NEED) the Detox Basics

Detox Designed for Every-Body

Life is just Better w/ Rejuva Jar®


Colon Cleanse + Vaginal Cleansing Device

Women LOVE Rejuva Jar® and many call it their #1 Personal Health tool and use to relieve:
Irregularlies. PMS, Bloating, Cramps, Yeast, & MUCH MORE.



Be Preventative and Live a FULL Life

Construction Workers to Corporate Executives; EVERY Man MUST Cleanse His Colon! Males Colon & Prostate BENEFIT GREATLY from regular Colon Cleansing.



Stepping up the game with
EVERY Rejuva Jar® cleanse

Boost your brain to boost YOUR game! So many althetics benefit from the Rejuva Jar® Detox and the amazing benefits ofncoffee enemas. Think sharper, be Stronger, and move with percision after every cleanse and get your head in the Game already! Be a WINNER w/ Rejuva Jar®!


Medical Professionals

Nutritionists, Homeopaths, Herbalists, & P.H.D's

Natural-based Healers LOVE using the Enema Procedure to aid their patients in quicker and less painful recoveries.


Colon Hydro-Therapists

Highly Recommended Colon Maintenance

Increase sales and boost popularity by providing customers with America's #1 D-I-Y @ Home Colon Care Kit


Teens & Students

Improve Self Confidence, Naturally

Lift Brain Fog, Reduce Stress & Anxiety, Boost Immunity, Improve Skin Conditions: All School Students GAIN SECURITY with Rejuva Jar®



Promotes Natural Bowel Regularity

Remove DECADES OLD toxic, waste particles that destroy PROBIOTICS & trigger PREMATURE AGING.


Therapy Patients

Mental, Physical, Chemo, & Gerson

Re-balance & Repair KEY Hormonal Systems that are VITAL to ANY forms of Body Complex Recovery.


Drug Rehab Patients

Recreational & Pharmaceutical Recoveries

EXTREME blood filtering occurs with EACH Rejuva Jar® Organic Coffee Enema session. Get those Filthy drugs OUT of Your Blood Stream ASAP!

Simple, Healthy, & Elegant.

New Health Designed for You.

Rejuva Jar® Coffee Enema Starter Kit

The ULTIMATE whole-body Detox

Colon Cleansing is the KEY to Amazing Health and Rejuva Jar is YOUR Go-To Tool. Boost your Health with Our #1 selling Detox Package TODAY, you will be amazed!

People Love Rejuva Jar®

Amazing Results all across the board!

We just received the Rejuva Jar and are very impressed... This kit makes cleansing look simple! Also is reassuring to see the passion and knowledge this company has for health and wellness! Would definitely recommend this to a friend!

Curt – Rejuva Jar® Basic Buyer

This is THE BEST enema system I have seen or used. Discovered coffee enemas as a healing tool last year, and have experienced major benefits in addressing mold toxicity, autoimmune dis-ease and overall wellness.

healingways – Rejuva Jar® Basic

I love this product! I replaced my old stainless steal system with this. It has made the process easier and faster! I use this as a part of my detox program. I like that the glass is non toxic...

Amazon Customer – Rejuva Jar® Basic

Probably the best thing I’ve purchased in a while. I noticed a huge difference in my skin’s health after the first session. Coffee enemas have really changed my relationship with my body and I’m grateful for this product.

Sadie – Rejuva Jar® Starter Kit Buyer

After using the Rejuva Jar, I have felt more energetic, less foggy minded, more focused. I like the size of the jar... I am so happy with my Rejuva jar and recommend it for it's health benefits.

Amazon Customer – Rejuva Jar® Basic
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