Rejuva Jar® Advanced Kit


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High Vibes Health Collective® presents:

The Rejuva Jar® Advanced COFFEE ENEMA Kit

When Organic Coffee is administered through the colon, it:

  • Cleans and repairs the colon
  • Detoxifies the liver and colon and help rebuild the liver
  • Reduces pain
  • Eliminate parasites
  • Reduces symptoms of toxicity
  • Helps with depression, brain fog, and nervous tension.
  • Increase mental clarity, improve energy levels, increase joy and happiness, improve digestion, and reduce anger.
  • Aids in healing and purification reactions.

Whats in the Bag:

(1) Rejuva Jar® Self Cleansing Kit

  1. Rejuva Jar® 2 Qt. Glass Enema Container (1)
  2. 4ft. No-Kink Silicone Delivery Tube (1)
  3. E/z – Grip Variable Flow Clamp (1)
  4. 2½” x ¾” UNISEX Enema Tip (1)
  5. 5″ Vaginal Douche Tip (1)
  6. Stainless Steel Rejuva Jar® Handle (1)
  7. Rejuva Jar® Hang-Anywhere “S” Hook (1)
  8. Mini Brush Sticks (2)
  9. Stainless Steel Micro Brush (1)

(1) Rejuva Jar® Multi- Use Storage Bag

(1) ½ lb Bag of Detox Coffee





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