Rejuva Jar® Double Pack


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This is the Perfect Set For the Detoxing Duo!

The Double Detox Pack contains:

(2) Rejuva Jar® Glass Enema Kits

YOUR 30 Minute Detox Device, Made 4 EveryBody:

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Manufactured with superior chemical resistant food-grade & medical-grade components:

Rejuva Jar® allows you to confidently cleanse without the worry of dirty detox-hindering toxins infiltrating YOUR enema solution.

Compared to other enema devices, Rejuva Jar® Stands out for it’s HIGH PURITY and comfortable and Cozy Home Style appearance, feel, and functionality;

Most other enema equipment looks like a weird hospital tool (gross!) and is made of:

        • cheap SMELLY plastics (petroleum products)
        • latex
        • rubbers
        • rust prone metals
Low quality enema equipment can leach harmful chemicals and many times, is made from inhumanely-sourced toxic materials that can GREATLY HINDER YOUR DETOX.

Get Serious with your Health and Detox like a PRO:

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The Double Detox Pack contains:

(2) Rejuva Jar® Glass Enema Kits 

What’s In Each Box:

      1. Rejuva Jar® 2 Qt. Glass Enema Container (1)
      2. 4ft. No-Kink Silicone Delivery Tube (1)
      3. E/z – Grip Variable Flow Clamp (1)
      4. 2½” x ¾” UNISEX Enema Tip (1)
      5. 5″ Vaginal Douche Tip (1)
      6. Stainless Steel Rejuva Jar® Handle (1)
      7. Rejuva Jar® Hang-Anywhere “S” Hook (1)
      8. Mini Brush Sticks (2)
      9. Stainless Steel Micro Brush (1)



Built To Last For Years To Come with Heavy Duty Durable Components; Replaceable Parts Available


Cleanse Consciously, Comfortably, & Confidently with 100% solution visibility.


Glass Means Class, Sleek and Sexy Design.


High Purity Hardest Core Detox Tool: FDA, USDA, NSF, & USP VI Rated Materials


The One and ONLY Enema Device Capable of Overnight AIRTIGHT Enema Solution Storage!


Convenient Storage Capacity of 64 oz. – 1/2 Gallon Capacity


Easy To Pack And Travel With… Take Detox everywhere!


Heavy Duty No-Kink Hose and E/z Grip Clamp Simplify Your Cleansing Experience.


Easy To Clean! Perfect for Everyday Use… Glass is Dishwasher Safe!


Enemas date back 1000’s of years as one of the best preventative medicines throughout countless civilizations. Is it any mystery that many know nothing about enemas/colon cleansing and at the same time disease is at an outrageous all time high?
The colon:

  • Is intimately related to every cell and tissue in the body
  • Collects and removes ALL of the body’s toxic waste (decomposed cells and food waste)
  • On average, contains 1 pound or more of fermenting, putrefying WASTE AT ALL TIMES
  • in excess, that build up can lead to various health disruptions and illness

Prevention is better than no cure
and colon cleansing is simply
the best way to keep one of the
dirtiest parts of the body,
clean and functioning optimally.

We care and we are here to provide you with the tools to live life to the fullest and experience health like never before…

Unlock YOUR body’s healing potential NOW!

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
There are no claims made to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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