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Product Warranties

Read these and be careful with your Detox Tools



  1. High Vibes Health Collective™ supports You in supporting Yourself to better Health. We are honored to know that You have looked at, considered, or have chosen our product in Your very own personal Health Quest.
  2. High Vibes Health Collective™ will stop at nothing to help You heal Your body to its fullest potential.
  3. When purchasing Your detox lifestyle equipment, be Conscious and Confident that what You are purchasing is exactly what You need for Your Lifedtyle Healing Journey.


  1. Rejuva Jar is guaranteed to function properly as an enema solution adminitration device and to be free from defects.
  2. Rejuva Jar is NOT guarenteed to alieviate ANY bodily ailments. Colon cleansing is scientifically proven to aid in many of the bodily dysfuntions listed on this website or any Rejuva Jar publications or marketing material. Remember, we make NO CLAIMS to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent ANY illness.


  1. In the event of a defect with any part of Rejuva Jar you must notify High Vibes Health Collective as soon as possible in order to receive assistance with the matter, using the Contact Us Form.


As we provide a solid product and warranty any defect-on-arrival issues, part of your warranty is your responsibility 🙂

  1. With proper maintnance by following the usage and cleaning procedures in the included instruction manual, Rejuva Jar will last you for years to come.
  2. Rejuva Jar has (3) breakage potentials, ALL which are dependant on and 100% the responsibility and liability of the end user, and NOT High Vibes Health Collective, Rejuva Jar, or any of it’s parent, sister, or affiliate companies:
    1. The glass: Be careful! Glass is fragile. Rejuva Jar is the most durable glass enema kit BUT, “glass will be glass” – it’s fragile by it’s very nature, so HANDLE WITH CARE!
    2. The hanger: ALWAYS make sure that the Rejuva Jar hanger is secure before EVERY use. Handle it with care when washing and be sure not to bend it!
    3. The tube adapter fitting: Although the fitting is extremely high grade and has outstanding tensile strength, IF you put too much pressure on it, damage CAN occur. Be gentle with your Rejuva Jar during usage, cleaning, handling, and transport!


When purchasing Rejuva Jar take into Consideration that:

  1. Rejuva Jar™ is a personal hygiene kit and CANNOT be restocked for reselling.
  2. We have strict quality control and shipping methods that take special care to prevent Rejuva Jars from being recieved “broken-on-arrival”.
  3. Due to our careful packing and shipping methods, IF a Rejuva Jar arrives broken, the shipping box will be damaged as well. See our Shipping page for details.
  4. For sanitary and consumer health factors, High Vibes Health Collective™ adheres to a strict NO RETURN POLICY with NO exceptions on all Rejuva Jar™ Self Cleansing kits, and accessories that have been OPENED.
  5. ONLY SEALED and UNOPENED Rejuva Jar™ Enema Kits and enema accessories are returnable within 14 days of the delivery date of the original purchase. All returns MUST be SEALED and UNOPENED to be accepted. See our Returns page for more details.



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